The entire UK is currently facing a massive staff shortage especially when it comes to the
healthcare sector. With various new policies being introduced by the government to solve this
issue, a lot of leniency being brought into the visa rules, there is a massive flow of immigrant
workers into the country. But have we ever wondered what happens to these people once they
uproot themselves to the UK?
According to the study conducted by the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford,
around 18% of the total workforce in the UK consists of migrants. In a country where there
exists a growing staff shortage very little is done in order to address their well-being. The
emotional rollercoaster that an immigrant has to go through during the process of his shift from
home to a land that is completely alien to them is scary to say the least. The cultural shock that
is experienced at the very beginning is by most considered to be a temporary phase. But being
someone who has personally experienced this, I can guarantee that the shock is persistent
even though it gets easier to deal with by time.
The social rules, the accents, the way of living can be surprising and even offensive to many but
when these are and can only be dealt with time. Some might be able to deal with these
transitions in a much better way than others but some end up falling into a deep hole
overwhelmed by emotions and can negatively affect their mental health.
Flexi’s core people are individuals who have gone through these shifts and uprooting and knows
better than others how to overcome these situations and try to bring this as one of the main
aspects to consider while they recruit individuals for healthcare and hospitality jobs across the
UK. Our recruitment process doesn’t end with placement of a candidate, in fact it never ends.
With over thousands of successful recruitments across various sectors we are a company that
ensures the sustainability and wellbeing of our people and the individuals we have recruited.