Terms and Conditions

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1.     Agree to provide the necessary and accurate documents and relevant information in a timely manner for the purpose of your upskilling, training, and job orientation & placement with Flexi Recruits and/or Flexi Recs.

2.    Agree that your data will be protected in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation, and that Flexi will ensure that there is full compliance to share your data only for the purpose of your shortlisting and placement, and not share with any third parties for the purpose marketing. Data submitted to Flexi Recruits remains protected on a secure system, and has the option to be permanently deleted on the written request by the candidate.

3.   Understand that any documents uploaded may be shared with the employer(s) after shortlisting for the purpose of assessment for the job position in question. The documents may be shared in a downloadable format via a secure account, exclusive to the employer (i.e., delegate in charge of the job offers).

4.   Understand that your uploaded video resume will only be used as a provisional assessment of your communication skills by the employer.

5.   Understand that no advice and support on policies of immigration and compliance is provided to candidates by Flexi Recruits and thus Flexi is not accountable or responsible for any outcomes related to the immigration and compliance policies for the candidates. Flexi can navigate the candidate towards associated third-party legal counsels and specialists if required for the processing of the candidate’s job placement.

6.  Understand that Flexi does not endorse or participate in any activities which are non-compliant to the Modern Slavery Act (2015), as Flexi acknowledges the responsibility to ensure, to the best of our abilities, that no candidate is subject to slavery or trafficking.



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